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The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that Lindsay Lohan, the teen-queen hurricane currently shooting a movie in their fine city, is impressing her co-workers with her professionalism and incredible commitment to her craft:

Says a veteran New Orleans film crew member who has worked about 10 films in the past two years: "I've never seen anything like this. She is making our lives a living hell. It's just not professional." [...]

While everyone else would rehearse for a scene, Lohan would sit in a corner and a stand-in would do her scene with the other principle actors. Then, when film rolled, Lindsay would saunter over and repeatedly flub her lines.

Said the local actor: "If I had to learn four lines and had all day to do it — and was paid millions of dollars to do it — I think I could do it. The whole thing was more like a scene from a movie than a set for a movie: The star throws a fit and someone has to console her and lead her away. That happened twice while I was there."

Actually, doesn't that sound like a great movie? 20th Century Fox should rush that into production. But we'd think twice about hiring Lohan to play herself—she'd probably stay our twice as late, get twice as drunk, and call in with twice as many mystery illnesses to make sure that everything seemed really authentic. That "commitment to craft" of hers is a double-edged sword.