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Brigid Hughes, who was tapped to replace the late George Plimpton as editor of The Paris Review last year, has left the venerable literary journal. According to The Times:

The resignation is a stunning development for the quarterly, which current and former employees say is struggling to adapt to a formal management structure and to being overseen by a board of directors that, for the first time, is trying to influence its editorial direction.

She will, however, retain her honorary title of New York City Fireworks Commissioner.

So, who will replace Hughes? No idea. The Times' Edward Wyatt asked Thomas H. Guinzburg, the president of the foundation overseeing the journal, what sort of editor they were looking for: "'I wouldn't say.' Then, after a pause, he said, 'George Plimpton.'"

Thanks for the help, Thomas. Send your guesses, suggestions, and dark horse nominations our way.
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[Hughes photo via Northwestern Magazine]