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The size-queens at the Datalounge get down to the dirty business of examining the contents of Owen Wilson's Speedo. Here's a sampling of the careful forensic investigation:

· "That is clearly air that is trapped in his speedo. And I wouldn't care if he had a dick bigger than Rick Donovan, he's still ugly as hell with a moron accent."

· "'Owen Wilson's Enormous Wang' would be a great name for a band."

· "Good lord. If that's all it takes to get you queens in an uproar, no wonder I'm so popular. THAT'S enormous?"

· "I think the dick he calls a nose is bigger."

· "what's the big deal? doesn't everyone get hard in tepid water under lights with hundreds of people milling around? jeez."

· "[A]t least he's got a substantial chubby. Probably between six and seven "rampant." Correction: ... between seven and eight "rampant."