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We're a little concerned about the anti-hipster sentiment that's running through the culture right now. Yesterday, we directed you to Christian Lorentzen's anti-Wes Anderson/anti-hipster essay in n+1.

And now, in Slate's annual film critics roundtable, NYPress' Armond White lashes out at his fellow critics for their 'hipster' tendencies as displayed in this year's Village Voice Film Poll:

Hipster self-righteousness has become a blight on film culture. The Voice poll revealed (or constructed) a disappointing, nationwide urge among film journalists to outsmartass each other.

This is a troubling trend.

Last year, New York Magazine ran an anti-hipster parody of lifestyle journalism by Zev Borow. And, of course, there was that book.

If we're not careful, people, we're going to accidentally kill the hipsters. We need to preserve them in order to maintain the city's delicate ecosystem. Remember Metrosexuals? Swing Dancers? Gay residents of Chelsea? No?

Well, they're all gone now. Do we need to remind you that extinct is forever?

We're thinking of calling up some Strokes and the editors of VICE and arranging a telethon to benefit this beleaguered demographic. We'll pass around the old trucker hat next time we're at Pianos and remind people that for just pennies a day—the cost of one PBR—you can save the life of a hipster.

Let's each do our part, before it's too late. If you won't help save a hipster, who will?
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