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· NYT Paris bureau head Elaine Isoline has refused to rent her 4500 square-foot house to first daughter Jenna Bush and friends. How cruel; what kind of lessor doesn't like vomit on her floors? [R&M]
· R&B sex addict Usher's romance with violent supermodel Naomi Campbell may be no more. Apparently, Usher's people were too controlling of Naomi and, as we all know, you can't just tame a beast of her ilk. [Page Six]
· None too surprisingly, an Islamic sex column is not well received. [Lowdown]
· Survivor contestant Jenna Lewis' isn't genuinely upset about the release of a "private" sex tape. She actually leaked the video and has profited quite nicely. When our illicit sex tapes aren't even pure, is nothing sacred? [Gatecrasher]
· Actor Benicio del Toro likes 'em young, but at least they're legal. He's reportedly "in love" with mactress Sara Foster, which means they're probably doing it in an elevator at the Chateau Marmont RIGHT NOW. [ELK]
· Lucky Cheng's, the East Village drag queen-ery, has been completely omitted from Zagat's restaurant guide after some scathing reviews. [Page Six]