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New Magazine Alert! (And no, it's not the $10 Traders. We can't bear to acknowledge that one, yet.) Stereotype magazine, which is so damn cool you've never heard of it, had a launch party last night at notorious East Village assymetrical-haircut-epicenter Lit. An unfortunate attendee reports of Condes and coke:

Last night we dragged ourselves through Hell's Other Kitchen to the hipster graveyard known as Lit. Much like the White Horse Tavern in Dylan Thomas' day, this is where the new younger set goes to drink and die. And someone thought it would be a good idea to hold a magazine launch there.

Clearly this magazine is being geared towards the ultrahip unwashed boys of the LES and the Conde Nastees who love them. The former can't afford magazines and the latter can't read, but there's a chance the latter will also buy it mistaking it for Teen Vogue, as the two are both euro-sized.

I should say, Stereotype is a cute magazine though - in the same way that Welcome to the Johnson's plastic covered couches are cute; and it's filled with articles on lesser known bands like Bling Kong (a cd that also came in the goodie bag at the end of the night). And we give props to whoever it was that booked the Cloud Room to play, even if they were barely heard over the chattering fashionistas. The musicians (and that powdery stuff someone handed us in the bathroom) were the only thing that kept the cavernous basement of Lit somewhat bearable.