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Having Fred Durst show up in your sushi joint can't be good for business, regardless of whether or not he wants to hit on your clientele and start a beef after being shot down. (Was he panhandling for spare tuna rolls?) A reader recounts a recent brush with Durst, which is likely to drive A- and B-listers from the restaurant in droves:

I'm not one for pricey California rolls, but a friend and I hit up Blowfish to see what the hype was about-plus she was paying (she saw her pimp that day). Anyhoo-of all the people that we had to see was the most washed-up musician since Kenny Loggins- Fred Durst. After a few shots of sake Fred approached my friend and introduced himself. She dissed him hard and I laughed in his face-which prompted Fred to get "gangsta" on me and cause a scene. His boys pulled him away and hopefully to the store to buy one of those new, really trendy red Yankees hats...

Realy, shouldn't Durst be off writing lovesick poems to Britney Spears instead of hitting on unsuspecting restaurant patrons?