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—Notorious prankster George Clooney retaliated against a Brad Pitt joke on the set of Ocean's Twelve by putting a bumper sticker reading "Small Penis Onboard" on Pitt's car. Oooh, burn! If he really wanted to hurt him, Clooney could've gone with "Honk if you think taking my shirt off and caressing my abs passes for acting."
—"12:12p. Back to the shoot. I miss Sebastian already. He's lost in a crowd of dancers while I stand on a fake mountaintop waving a flag that has my face on it. Pyrotechnics and fake snow. This video stinks, but thinking of his warm smile gets me through it." A Day In The Love Life Of An A-List Celebrity
—TVGasm presents their "fair and balanced," nearly minute-by-minute coverage of Tuesday night's election coverage. Who had time to blog in between smashing their head into a wall and self-medicating with vodka shots?
—And in case you didn't have enough Ocean's Twelve news in the preceeding five inches of screen, the always-reliable WENN reports that Julia Roberts is blind with rage that Catherine Zeta-Jones received higher billing for the movie, thus indicating that CZJ is a bigger star. What's Roberts got to do to get some respect in this town, get knocked up with quadruplets and give birth on the set?