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Paris Hilton has finally commented on her supposed use of the "N-bomb" in her alleged new, 12-hour, videotape sex odyssey.

While Hilton still won't say whether she used the racist epithet, the hotel heiress tells us through her spokeswoman: "I am deeply hurt by recent reports. Anyone who knows me knows that this is not me. I love everybody and am not a person who discriminates against anyone - ever"

Yes, it does seem that the publicist left out the actual denial. This is what happens when you leave things up to your reps. They even forgot to include the part where Hilton says "some of my best friends, domestic servants, and part of my Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie are black." Now that this ugliness is undoubtedly resolved to everyone's satisfaction, she can devote the proper effort to the marketing of her new video.