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When Peggy Siegal, the publicist best known for arranging celebrity-infested screenings, asked a Paramount bigwig to move his seat at a "Mean Girls" screening earlier this year, she apparently pissed off the wrong people. This weekend, Page Six reported, "Peggy is, literally, freaking out. It's really bad. She's completely unglued over it." Now she's two stringy hairs short of falling into PR patheticism, according to a reader:

Seems this once high-flyer is falling fast. Besides the little snafu she has with Paramount that was covered in the Post, it seems that they are desperate [and I mean DESPERATE] to have people show up. The past three invites from her office have come by e-mail and then are followed an hour or two later by a VERY aggressive phone call. The pushy assistant on the phone doesn't politely ask if we've received the invitation, she demands a response, though the party is weeks away.

I say see you next Tuesday to Ms. Siegel [sic] and the annoying lackey. This isn't going to fill seats, it's going to ruin your rep.

Peggy! Shame on you! Desperation does not breed exclusivity!
Publicist Feels Studio Wrath [Page Six]
[Image via NY Social Diary]