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Cintra Wilson, the fame-hating, catty quasi-celebrity prone to unapologetic snark, is the kind of writer that we'll pay attention to. So we were positively delighted when we saw her interview with weblog Bookslut, in which she educates the public on the editing process when freelancing with "Glossy Magazine X:"

So then I write the article. Junior editor gives it to senior editor. Senior editor comes back with comments like (and these are pretty much factual): "Tell Cintra to rewrite it but make it 40% more sincere," or, "Tell Cintra to rewrite it and take out the initial set-up paragraph and insert {brainless, unintelligible piece of shit X}," or, "Tell Cintra we're 'reworking' the concept for that page and that the 800-word essay we just asked her to write on Pam Anderson's tits is going to need some 'rethinking,' to make it more like the 'rework' we intend to do."

And that, class, is how Cintra scraps an article and only takes home 25% of her fee. Kinda makes us want to go back to bed.
An Interview With Cintra Wilson [Bookslut]
[Image via Jonathan Worth]