Even though he recently lost 90 pounds, designer Karl Lagerfeld can't get off the carb train to doom. For the new Scent-themed Visionaire, Lagerfeld contributed a photograph called "Hunger" of a man with bread obscuring his crotch. (Uh...) To salute Lagerfeld, the magazine made up a perfume that smells like a lovely hot and crusty roll. Said Visionaire's Stephen Gan, If he s hungry for bread, he sprays himself with it."

I've actually concoted a few fragrances for practical use myself. My favorite comes from steeping 100-dollar bills in News Corp.'s Lachlan Murdoch's sweat. I find the scent completely satisfies my desire to roll around in money with hot billionaires without accruing the decidedly undesirable effects.
Having His Cake and Sniffing It [WWD]