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· "Saturday afternoon in, what's it called? GAlleries in Upper CHElsea? Wandering Around The Chelsea Hinterlands? CHelsea Insider Art PEdestrian Territory? WeBo (West of Bottino?) Anyway, Linda Evangelista and shorter stylist-type (if he's a boyfriend, it'd be a pretty damning condemnation of Ed Burns) walking around the gallery ghetto, on 10th Ave. near 24th St. And the S. I. Newhouses (a whole posse of them) having their rings kissed at Gagosian, but in the foyer, not checking out the Jenny Saville paintings currently on view."

· "Eric Bogosian walking up 1st avenue, wearing all black and a very nice smile. He ducked in to the deli at 9th and 1st. He sure knows his delis, that place is great."
· "saw Casey Affleck running along the west side highway, close to rockefeller park, on sat. late afternoon. he was running pretty slow, though, so I couldn't go from my original pace to his—would have been too obvious!"
· "While walking through Central Park on Saturday, I watched as a horse and buggy rode by with Kelly Ripa, her son, and her husband all sitting inside. Kelly looked prepared should any rogue camera crew leap out of the brush and attempt to interview her, her son was having the time of his life playing with a stuffed animal (shark), and her husband sat opposite the two looking absolutely exhausted."· "Uma Thurman walking around Gramercy Park with her daughter and another woman...looking very European."
· "Seen at the Ellen DeGeneres' HBO taping last Friday night at the Beacon Theatre - Alan Cumming (looking delish as always), Rosie O'Donnell (seated three rows *behind* me - ha!), and the woman who apparently plays the mum on "Gilmore Girls" (I had no clue who she was but almost had my eye knocked out by my eager male friend when he caught sight of her)"