· "I sat next to Betsey Johnson (designer) at Pastis in the meat packing district. She was with two obvious sycophants who were drooling all over her, despite the fact that she looked beyond horrid in a multicolored coat that looked like a leprechaun had vomited on it. She had terrible hair with nylon-looking extensions and black raccoon eye makeup. Didn't smell great either."
· "russell simmons on the jfk A train shuttle with his wife and kids—just flew jet blue to jfk yesterday... i jumped on the shuttle to the A train and accidentally got off at the wrong stop in the parking lot. i peered back into the crowded shuttle bus and asked the dude in the black suit, backwards yankee cap standing with his wife and kid if this was the stop — he told me no, it's the next one. i looked him in the eye and asked if he was russell — and he affirmatively nodded. it was him. and no, i didn't hound him further."
· "saw chloe sevigny walking by my gallery (spring betw eliz. and bowery) yesterday looking stoned and cold. jim jarmusch walks by almost every day too."
· "Christy Turlington at Peter Lugers clearly not eating enough because she didn't have to waddle out like the rest of us."
· "If you were Greek, and I said the name Anna Vissi, you would become rapt, speaking in whispers. Think Madonna, but in a smaller pond. If you were Greek, and I told you that I had brushed by Anna Vissi last night at a midtown acting school, where she was watching her daughter perform, you might ask to smell and feel the sweater that had touched her. But you're not Greek, so you may not care. (The daughter gave a self-indulgent performance, by the way)"