· "I was having dinner last night (Tuesday, 22nd) for my friend's birthday at Il Buco and Edward Norton (sans Salma) was having dinner with a group of 5 at another table. His hair has gotten longer, I don't think he's had it cut since the Oscars..."
· "Saturday night. Hammerstein Ballroom at The White Stripes concert. John McEnroe standing at the souvenir table with some young looking woman asking if there was a White Stripes women's baby tee available. Very odd."
· "4/23 - Stephen Merrit in West Chelsea, scowling."
· "4/15 - Cynthia Rowley with cute, but incontinent,
daughter in West Chelsea."
· "Uma [Thurman] was sitting on a bench in Union Square yesterday. I guess she was with Ethan (or some other scruffy mook) and looked glow-in-the-dark amazing, even wearing a cranky puss and an ugly-ass hat. So beautiful you didn't even bother looking at the scruffy guy. And I don't even like the ladies!"
· "jeff goldblum at "the play what i wrote" — he's in great shape, with a not-so-hot chick, and even though i acted like a freak he was really nice to me."
· "winona ryder at the white stripes show, looking tired but with a big group of friends. and she has amazing skin."
· "Bo Derek alone & dressed in all black & shorter than expected on corner of 66th & Broadway getting in a cab on 4/22 at 12:30pm"
· "Guy Ritchie walking on Broadway between 64th & 65th on 4/21 at 4:00pm."
· "Michael Moore eating outside at Fiorello's on Broadway at 3:45 on 4/21."

· "Adrien Brody worked for me in 1989-1991 in KMart commercials, portraying a recurring 'character' shopping with pals and girlfriends. also playing a recurring character was Melina Kanakaredes."
· "Sir David Attenborough, walking through St Anne's Court in Soho, London. Using a walking stick and looking really quite old, but dressed like a gent. Oh, hold on. Wrong continent."
· "Janeane Garofalo: eeewww you think she looked good? I saw her crossing Greenwich Ave heading towards the new Citarella on Sunday and she looked waaaaaaayyyy too skinny to meSuffering from the Nancy Reagan big head small skinny body syndrome. She so has to stop cutting her own hair. She did have a cute dog though."
· "At 'The Play What I Wrote' on Saturday the 19th: A heroin chic-looking Neve Campbell was standing outside the theatre just before showtime, smoking a cigarette and talking with a suitably scruffed musician type."
· "does larry clark count as a celebrity? maybe not as big as JVG, but regardless, he was walking up White St at Church 2.45pm [yesterday]."