· "julian casablancas riding a bike in greenwich village1:30 pm near broadway & 8th street, looking very rough & not at all cute & wearing ....A STROKES T-SHIRT! was he wearing it 'ironically'? who careshe looked like a goober."
· "A patient Janine Garafalo being interviewed last Thursday by a high school student (or an NYU student; I can't tell any more) for ninety minutes at Java & Jazz Caf just above Union Square. Janine is very small and cute. I bet she hates it when people say that."
· (male) friend writes in, "sat next to jason biggs on the plane back from l.a. he didn't say very much; spent a lot of time reading the n.y. post. when we confused our water glasses he says, 'maybe we can tell them apart by the shade of lipstick.'"