An exchange between writer James "the new Dave Eggers" Frey and a "non-fan":

Ohmigahd. I read the excerpt of your book and it is SO INCREDIBLY LAME. Who the fuck cares that you were in rehab?? You think you can write? The only thing worse than your drivel that I've read in the past year is "Everything is Illuminated." But yours is almost as bad. Actually noworse. Rehab memoirs are so 1987."

You should bow down to Eggers.
You should bow down to Elizabeth Wurtzel.
You need to take pointers from most students in creative writing classes at community college.


Frey responds:

From: James Frey <>

Dear Friend -

Thank you for your kind letter.

I'm glad you read and enjoyed the excerpt of my book. I'm honored that you think there is at least one book in the world worse than mine. I will work very hard in the future, and hopefully, when my next book comes out, you will think that are two books worse than mine.

Rehab memoirs are so 1987. Some other highlights from that year:
Fatal Atraction
Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and Salt N' Peppa all hit #1
The Lost Boys
The Beastie Boys first album
Jessica Hahn, Donna Rice and Fawn Hall
Spuds McKenzie
Wall Street (two Michael Douglas blockbusters in one year!)
The launch of the Fox television network.

I bow down to Eggers, I bow down to Wurtzel. They are great and they write great books. I am glad you pointed that out to me, I will remember it in the future.

I hope all is well at XXXXX I hope you are busy spreading the gospel of responsible eating. I live about three blocks from your office, maybe I'll stop by and say hello -

James Frey