· Pamela Anderson wanted to wear a hat bearing the Confederate flag to the Country Music Television awards. CMT vetoed it and asked her, "Do you know what the flag stands for?" [Page Six]

· Page Six writes that Wylie Dufresne's will debut his 70-seat "eclectic-American" place, WD-50 on the Lower East Side tonight. LES correspondent Lockhart Steele reports that it's been open to friends and family for the last week or two. (I recently walked in and got kicked out.) [Page Six]

· Daniel Baldwin is threatening to kick Leonardo di Caprio's ass. [Page Six]

· The Clintons "will be summering" in Martha's Vineyard with actor Ted Danson and Actress Mary Steenburgen. [Page Six]

· Cindy Adams is tired of receiving emails that Roman Polanski and Adrien Brody aren't feuding. "May [Polanski's] p.r. people get a life. We're at war. Stop bothering with this." [Cindy Adams]

· Writer Paul Theroux says he still considers writer V.S. Naipul a "fathead" and doesn't see any reconciliation in the future. [NY Daily News]