Page Six columnist Richard Johnson, in LA stumping for the Post, recently did a morning radio show with Danny Bonaduce in which Bonaduce "started right in talking about his drinking days back in New York and how one morning he arrived at his DJ job barely sober, bruised and covered in puke and wondering what the hell happened, only to open up the Post to read Johnson going on about how he was drunk as hell running around in clubs the night before." Bonaduce fired back: "The first target was Johnson's style. He showed up wearing a black Izod golf shirt with a pair of Ray-Ban-style glasses hanging from his neck. 'Hey, Richard,' Bonaduce said, 'the '80s called, and they want their wardrobe back.'...Bonaduce stands 5-foot-skinny to Johnson's more-than-6-foot frame, but that wasn't stopping him from questioning Johnson's sexuality. That didn't go over so well, considering Johnson's both mildly conservative and recently separated. But, then again, Bonaduce's got that silly goatee and is wearing snakeskin bootsso go figure."
NY gossip: The Post's man always rings twice [LA Weekly]