It's possible, if not to avoid the war, at least to avoid the cable news networks, which are stuck in an infinite loop. Basra is always on the point of surrender, the pictures of the same grainy square of desert, and the commentators never know what they're talking about. There is an antidote.
· Command Post [minute-by-minute links to news as it breaks around the web, and summaries of the main cable news]
· Agonist [as above, though the guy takes time off to sleep]
· Instapundit [Glenn Reynolds is being out-posted, but he injects more attitude, and Instapundit is the place to go if you hate Chirac more than Saddam.]
· Reporters' log [raw posts from BBC journalists]
· BBC News [best online news site]
· MSNBC [best US cable news website]
· Where is Raed? [blogger in Baghdad]