GQ editor Caroline Campion has a piece in the NYT about class warfare in the Tompkins Square Park dogrun. She laments the fact that the yuppies have moved in with their "breedist" dogs. (The owners of the more aggressive dogs say the tiny yuppie dogs deserve to be attacked because they're usually wearing sweaters.) Says one homeless park resident "articulately"her description; not mine"Homeless people were moved out to make room for the dogs, dogs that have been enslaved for domesticity. They should be in the countryside. Not a pleasure for rich people, the rich homosexuals and freaks of society." (Homeless people have opinions, too, you know!) "With the city in the throes of an economic downturn, there may yet be hope for residents sentimental about this grungy little hamlet's rebel past," Campion writes without a single note of intentional irony.
Straining at the leash [NYT]