· Pop star Fred Durst is a big fan of Chelsea Clinton's. [Page Six]
· Rudy Giuliani's ex-wife Donna Hanover is engaged to marry her high school sweetheart, California lawyer, Ed Oster. [Page Six]
· GQ staffers are afraid that if Men's Health Editor Dave Zincenko replaces long-time GQ Editor Art Cooper, he'll "come in and expect them to eat granola and go jogging at lunch hour." [Page Six]
· Kate Winslet on nude scenes: "My bum's massive. My back's spotty. I have chicken arms. And I personally think my bosom's sagging. Hard for me to do that but I know it is liberating." [Cindy Adams]
· Senator John Kerry at a fundraiser at Cipriani on recovery from prostate cancer surgery: "I've learned a lot in the last three weeks. But nothing beats watching C-SPAN on drugs." [NY Daily News]