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· Martin Sheen raged against the Warner Brothers PR machine at an international press junket last Tuesday, giving a "very passionate speech about how the p.r. man should not dictate what questions the journalists were allowed to ask, what he was allowed to discuss, and how this was a good example of why he felt the need to speak his mind." [Page Six]
· Stephen Sondheim is (inexplicably) doing a musical version of Bill Murray's Groundhog Day. [Page Six]
· Rapper 50 Cent bought his six-year-old son a kiddie-sized tailor-made bulletproof vest. [Page Six]
· Antonio Banderas on LA: "I don't like living in California. I like Spain. People in Los Angeles are fake." [Cindy Adams]
· Liz Smith points out that Brian Tolle and Brian Clynecreators of the critically acclaimed Irish Hunger Memorial in Battery Park Citywill not be allowed to march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade because they are gay. [Liz Smith]
· Security guards at the Jean Paul Gautier show covered PETA protesters in fur coats as they hauled them away. [NY Daily News]