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· Martin Scorsese wants to cast Nicole Kidman alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in his next film, "The Aviator"a biopic about Howard Hughes. [Page Six]
· "I'm prettier than Claudia [Schiffer]!" whines Kate Moss. [Page Six]
· Another book about the magazine world: Strawberry Saroyan's Girl Walks into a Bar: A Memoir discusses her encounters with David Lauren, Anna Wintour, James Truman and Tina Brown. [Page Six]
· Kevin Spacey on his year-long hiatus from film: "decided after I finished 'The Life of David Gale' I'd stop. I really feelI make a joke out of thisthat if I was sick of me, I could imagine how the rest of the country felt." [Cindy Adam]
· Quote from a letter to NY Mag: "Internet personals are just another dab of lipstick applied to the blind-date pig." [Liz Smith]
· Betsey Johnson's daughter Lulu has quit her mom's business after waiting to take over the reins, and not being handed them. [NY Daily News]