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Felix Dennis, publisher of Maxim, Stuff and Blender, is in the news in the UK because he's buying 50,000 acres of Warwickshire, on which he plans to plant the Forest of Dennis. He's a Gawker hero...
· Because he's restoring the English oak forest but insults environmentalists: "You can collect all the plastic bottle caps you want as long as you give me the money so we can get off this death trap, find somewhere else and have tremendous fun screwing that up as well."
· Because he's one of the great magazine entrepreneurs, creating entirely new categories, such as the lad's magazine, but he has no time for creativity: "It s got bugger all to do with ideas."
· Because, in an era of cross-media synergy, he hates television and pities the people who watch it: "you look in their eyes and it s like dead fish. They re lying in their everyday graves."
· Because he's worth an estimated $500m, but is busily trying to spend it all before he dies.
· Because he's 55, Rupert Murdoch's getting on, and we need some media moguls with outsized personalities in reserve.
· And, above all, because he couldn't care less. Too much sex in his magazines? "You can never get enough of it. Never. After a third of a lifetime analysing this, I can absolutely assure you that s true."
An audience with Felix Dennis, publishing maverick, poet, bon viveur and philosopher [Times of London]