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· Winona Ryder wants to keep the stuff she stole from Saks. [Page Six]
· Frank Rich is kicking NYT Arts & Leisure staff out of their office space. [Page Six]
· Former TW chief Jerry Levin spotted making out with his girlfriend in a Beverly Hills Saks after buying himself $12,000 worth of "young, hip" clothes. [Page Six]
· Insiders say Eliot Spitzer will be asked "Why don't you go after the crooked judges and politicians in Brooklyn the way you go after the analysts on Wall Street?" tonight at the Brooklyn Democratic County Committee meeting. The answer he won't give is "that the Brooklyn machine backed his candidacy." [Page Six]
· Nicole Kidman spotted making out with rapper Q-Tip at Nobu. [Page Six]
· Spielberg wants to do a movie on Abraham Lincoln. [Cindy Adams]
· Civil rights leader Roy Innis refers to Bloomberg as a "whupped freak" after the mayor snubs Innis's MLK day celebration in favor of Al Sharpton's; Mick Jagger's getting a diamond embedded into a tooth where an emerald used to be; and a confused Richard Gere thanks Harvey Weintraub instead of Harvey Weinstein. [NY Daily News]