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· Woody Allen is incensed over new play, Who Killed Woody Allen? [Page Six]
· PR guru Matthew Freud says "AL Sharpton is a move by the Bush White House to show a worse alternative." [Page Six]
· Marty Richards nearly forbidden to board his plane on the grounds that his Golden Globe could be used as a weapon. [Cindy Adams]
· Julianne Moore on sex-in-real-life vs. sex-in-the-movies: "You know, if anyone ever ripped my clothes, I'd probably kill them." [Cindy Adams]
· Jane Fonda on ex-husband Ted Turner: "I love my ex, Ted Turner, who gives a lot of money to charity. Ted has long been working against worldwide clitorectomies; Ted is a man who puts his money where his mouth is!" [Liz Smith]
· E! Entertainment has been talking to Us Weekly about doing a reality show. All Bonnie, all the time. [NY Daily News]