NYT writer Joyce Purnick says it's the season for making apologies, and points out a few people that notably haven'tKissinger, for a rather convincing and long-running impersonation of the Prince of Darkness; the head of the MTA, for telling the mayor to "shut up,"introducing the "kindergarten sandbox" phase of the negotiations; and Mayor Mike for buying a $600 bike most New Yorkers can't afford. (She may have been grasping for straws on the last one. If he'd have bought a discount bike, someone would have complained that he was shortchanging local businesses more money, but we digress...)

We're feeling apologetic ourselves, so here's the Official Gawker Apology List:

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1. We wish to apologize to David Gest and Liza Minelli for insinuating directly or indirectlythat they were "psychotic," "annoying," and/or "soul-less." Oh, wait. No, we don't. (Oops! typo!)
2. We wish to apologize to Lachlan Murdoch for not seriously changing "Gawker" to "Lachlan Murdoch." Sorry, Lachlan. We know you were looking forward to your fifteen minutes of fame. Don't worry, kiddo, you'll have your day in the sun.
3. We wish to apologize to Botox. Botox is responsible for preventing people like Axl Rose from frightening small children. Fewer childhood traumas mean lower homicide rates. Thank you, Botox.
Want to say you're sorry? There's a line. [NYT]