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The Best and Worst Media TikTok Accounts

Remind us of this when we inevitably have to start a TikTok in three months

Tarpley Hitt

Big T-Shirt Is Fashion

A loose tee is the only shirt you need

paris fashion week
Fran Hoepfner

Which Super Bowl Football Team Has the Worst Celebrity Fans?

The Eagles have Carrot Top, but the Chiefs have Brad Pitt

Kelly Conaboy

Zachary Levi Has Had a Rough 24 Hours

On the upside, a lot of people know who he is now

Olivia Craighead

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Hugged: Conspiracy?

These two are always up to something

peace treaty
Fran Hoepfner

Tom Brady Is So Divorced He Lost 15 Pounds

Maybe he should add nightshades back into his diet

Allie Jones

My Side Hustle Is Filing Class-Action Lawsuit Claims

Get in girls, we’re filing claims for $7 Aussie aerosols settlements

Tarpley Hitt

You’re Laughing? Harry Styles Split His Pants Open Onstage and You’re Laughing?

Shameful behavior on your part

crotch watch
Kelly Conaboy

'Traitor' Alan Cumming Shoves His OBE Medal Right Back Into King Charles' Fat Wet Hands

He's no longer an Officer of the British Empire after learning of its "toxicity"

he probably read 'spare'
Claire Carusillo

Why Is Taylor Swift Always Showing Feet?

The woman loves to bare her sole

Olivia Craighead

Blake Lively Has Joined the Colleen Hoover Cinematic Universe

She even went brunette for the part

Fran Hoepfner

Prince William Cracked Wise at a Food Bank

Get this guy on a British panel show

every day is red nose day
Claire Carusillo

Taylor Swift's Music Videos: A Race to the Bottom

A visual medium is not her forte

Film School (Taylor's Version)
Olivia Craighead

Rihanna Fumbles Principles for Halftime Show

Does the former Super Bowl boycotter have a trick up her sleeve

Tarpley Hitt

A Conversation With Perfume Genius About ‘Gilmore Girls’

Set my Stars Hollow on fire immediately.

town troubadour
Kelly Conaboy

David Foster’s Collected Wisdom on Being a Really Old Dad

The 73-year-old musician knows a thing or two about taking care of a baby

Father Time
Allie Jones